Ask About LUNA Update in Binance

Hello guys i want to ask about luna update in binance
Binance Earn to Cease Support for LUNA and UST | Binance Support

Is that mean our luna will be automatically sell? I have last 700$ worth on LUNA when they suspend the trading. If i wait until 3:59 i will get my 700$ or not? Pls help

No, you will still have your coins in wallet.

But binance said they will lock luna on market right? So that mean i cant sell it anymore on binance? Or it will still on binance and we can sell?

Thats right your tokens cant be used until further notice, you can move them to a personal wallet though

También dijo binance que pueden meterse sus tokens por el trasero mientras el CEO de binance y todo el equipo directivo se reparten el dinero robado y se ríen de todos
ustedes desde su mansión. Despierten ya, fueron estafados, asuman la pérdida y no pierdan más su tiempo en esto.

I still dont get it, so the amount of the luna token in our spot wallet will save?

Yes they will be there forever…