[Blockdaemon] Update on the Infrastructure Proposal for Community Pool Funding

Hi Terra Community! We wanted to update everyone and be transparent on timelines for all of the deliverables on our infrastructure proposal. For reference, the original proposal is here: https://agora.terra.money/t/infrastructure-proposal-for-community-pool-funding/320

Here are the updates for the upcoming deliverables:

Relaunch of the Terra Validator - May

Grant Milestone 1 - Transactions & Balances and RPC Endpoints - June

Grant Milestone 2 - Streaming - July

For some context:

For timing of the grant deliverables, we want to first focus on making sure that everything is in place for the validator before moving onto grant items. With that in mind, the first milestone - RPC endpoints for the community - will be delivered in June. We then plan on a fast follow-up of milestone 2 of streaming in July.

With each roll out, we will be amplifying our support for the Terra network on our website and social channels as we complete the above.

For contact person updates:

Katie DiMento


Please let me know if you have any questions and really looking forward to supporting this great network and community!

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Hi Terra Community, We are currently still in the QA process for the RPC endpoint milestone. Certain updates are taking a bit longer as we make sure it is functioning properly so from a timing perspective, we are looking at the roll out of the milestone in the beginning of July. I know this is something that has been asked for so will keep you posted on additional progress!

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how’s this going?

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Hi Terra Community, I do apologize that we haven’t shared an update in awhile. We have been making progress and working on the milestones as well as maintaining our validator for the community. For the first milestone, we also included the ability for the cluster to auto-scale. We have been running additional tests making sure all endpoints will work as intended so users can have the same experience as if they spun up their own node (but better).

We debated on releasing as a beta to meet the milestone timelines but didn’t think that was the best experience so that is why we’ve continued to test in-house to make sure it works out of the gate properly. We are also load testing as well, again keeping the community in mind to have the best experience. After these pieces get sorted, streaming can follow - these pieces just have to be in place first.

have you got anything? any ‘proof of life’ to show any kind of progress?
it’s been 9 months since you put your proposal up after all.