Buy Back and Burn!

Check here: more than 880 Billions are in 27 addresses. 26 of those own more than 31.964 Billion tokens each exactly the same amount to the last decimal point.

Terra/Luna Team should tell us if the have access to those and in case burn them. They should also tell us if they own coins in the exchanges or in any other way



Please do not spread fake news here. We are facing same problem mate.

Do you know how to check the terra finder dont you?

The wrapped token is for reserved mate. Not everyone is applicable. That way the bridge works.

6.9T is total supply. 6.5T is available supply. The token minted when $ust holder redeem their $ust value. How can you burn every those token? All that tokens belong to its owner mate.:blush:

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They could rebase it to give it a lower valuation. They could find a way to incentivize it. I’m not 100% sure what the right choice is, but it’s NOT to fork it. That would go against what you just said (I do agree with the idea that the tokens as they are now belong to the owners). They’re not going to let a 40-60 bn dollar project go to shit. Too many VCs have an interest in this, too. And now we’re worth only 2 bn.

Who’s going to pay for that burn? Nothing left in the reserves. All fund was used to fight the attackers.

Exactly no fork or beef🔥

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If it was already everything used stop printing new luna anymore, let ust depeg and because of speculative minds Luna can get 0,1 or so. Its not much, but better than nothing.

Thats was the plan of Luna. But did they really execute it?

The ceo of Binance wants transparancy. He wants to see what happened with the funds.

Its obvious now, you cant trust everything Do Kwon and his team are saying.


This is the only way. Talk to binance to help them buy back and burn. That’s all cz is talking about. Guess the team is not communicating with him

Use the Btc collateral buy all and burn it.


Simple 3 step formula.

  1. Buy

  2. Burn

  3. Repeat

Keep doing this till we reach a first target of our peak market cap of 40 Billion. If you need to add some transaction tax for this then so be it. Maybe we can even reach a market cap of 1 Trillion in the future. What we need is transparency. After we are done with the burning we have to build reserves and store it with in the contract for everyone to see, like how it is done with LP Tokens on defi exchanges such as UniSwap or PancakeSwap.

Where is the team guys ?

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The truth of the silence of the teams

They are waiting for more speculators to buy luna so they can steal their money and somehow reward themselves with it , it is obviously what’s going on Luna volume is not from retail traders it is from the team trying to prey on speculators to raise funds and screw the people buying it now

Burn excess supply asap.


Amid the btc is gone

Its always worth helping those who are unfortunate.

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