CZ Binance Response To Fork Plan!

Hyena behavior was the attack, not people trying to save Terra and make money on it meanwhile

This is one the best proposal so far but you don’t take into consideration the demand that is needed to decrease the supply of worthless Luna is nowhere near what it would be in the past.Luna demand financed the whole operation……without Luna demand the protocol is screwed!

You have absolutely no idea how any of this works, do you

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Still could. Stick around for the next 2 months and find out. If Do Kwan doesn’t steal your luna…

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Terra more than price ?
Its not nft nor charity

Can you stop your drama

Ethereum dumped to 17 once in a wick
No one will say bring back your coin

Its open market
If you want go buy

“Oh no i cant beleieve these are buying at low prcies i should only one buy”

Never seen such a worthless community


You are blaming buyers ? and how luna2 will survive without new buyers you will blame them too or is there a price where people can buy without being blamed ? it’s the first time in crypto history where buyers are treated this way the most important is not the price it’s about trust, you can create Luna2 Luna3 as you like but if nobody buys it will worth nothing


Yes it is, you already know the minting process and why you didn’t buy more to protect your owner rate when the inflation happen


How so? i bought at 28 and put in 1 BTC. Guess how much its worth now?
There are a ton of people who wanted to support the project so its not fair to simply ignore that.
Everyone can still buy super cheap.
Forking is just wrong so i like the proposal with burning and tax!


In early times of LUNA most whales bought LUNA and they got huge profit x1000 - x10000 .
Now they are blaming us just because we bought cheap like them in this time!
Those whales call us greedy(because we bought in cheap price), but they don’t talk about themself when they bought in cheaper price and now they are still multi-millioner because they have a lot of other coins (btc,eth,…)!!!

Forking for price is a crime! A BIG SCAM, since you can burn whatever you have it easily.

We bought LUNA so we own it, and deserve it.

Let me ask a question:
“Did Terra Foundation do fork network if we tiny investors/holders/communities sold our coins at very cheap price while it was $100 per coin!!???”
-Obviously NO!

And also just remember this: They(Whales,…) can still buy LUNA , just like us, but they didn’t!
So who is the loyal community member? Who is here to risk? They did or us?
YES we did it, not them.

+added mention: @dokwon


What has happened has happened. Are you going to cry out loud everytime someone buys assets lower than your avg. price? Shit happened, now is time to move on.


I think everyone understands this point, but people who got their coin diluted still want a chance to cash out. Do Kwon wanted to bail them out mainly because most VCs, developers and validators are among these group of old Luna holders. The problem is nothing can go forward if these guys don’t agree.

U didnt heard?
Ethereum they will fork it if you buy now its way cheaper than last jan
U are not real supporter if buy low
Just greedy hodlers who made 370x last year are the real community


[quote="[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY tax with each LUNA transaction, post:1, topic:12176"]
put in place until the su

Who (like me) buy the low and hold position like any other investor can not be discriminated because in a market a low price can be a buy opportunity or can be lost all the money the same as who buy (like me) at hight price. Let me talk about my expericence ( I think many of other are in the same situation) I bought at around 100, than around 30 and again around 5, than around 0,5 and last around 0,005.
So for my opinion the best solution is to burn some % let’s say 3% of luna at each buy and sell trade, this mean on each deal to burn 6% of trade volume, with solution like this the supply can be reduced a lot.

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Imagine this: All whales own $millions/$billions in multiple coins(btc,…) and they(whales) told us that they are community members, but they never put a $1000 into LUNA network since price-crash to save the network or whatever they want to call it!
But we did it!


Fork is BIG red light! No go!
Clean up the mess and fix the code!

@dokwon LET PEOPLE HELP to do so!
For Holy shake


Bringing trust and value to the current chain and burning will reward validators. Believe me validators ARE getting crazy staking returns in LUNA right now, bring it value.
All the low price buys around the world are also propping up the price and even helpi g UST by buying LUNA. Have you seen the trading volume? Amazing. And all the free advertising. Save the current chain, bring value to current LUNA, setup a fund of some sort to cover UST holders over time. World community would love LUNA. Crypto community would too and assist.

Edit: Do it this way easier to bring in all these new LUNA holders to developers’ applications. There are a TON more wallet holders with no idea yet how useful LUNA is on chain, a campaign getting people in will bring value and trade volume to Terra dAaps.

Ditching this opportunity by forking and airdrops etc gotta be kidding me. Just scared. Terra chain has a ton of value and a lot more to offer. As another said in another post welcome to further decetralization. This meltdown inflation might just be a blessing with so many new luna holders around the world. Show them a home.


We can do a lot more I think.
But to do this we need support from governance.
This is my idea:

  • each day 15-30 minute before the computational burn or mint process (let’s know to all what time is it?) all community member together with governance need buy UST in this scenario let’s say on the market go in 15-30 minute buy order worth something like 1 billion USD$ our loved UST can go more than 1:1 with USD, let’s say at 1,1-1,2 in this can must be burned LUNA to re extabilish the Peg ratio right ?
    If i’m right with this let’s say do this everyday up to the LUNA will go back to 5 or 10 USD$ in the same time implement the system to not let this happen again.
    I think (and hope) with this kind of solution the shorter can be burned out from the market with heavy lost, caused from Stop order on their short.
    Please who is more expert than me can think better on this and improve it.
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100% agree.
Fork what ??? The code was like this create new coin when there is a Depeg, now maybe this was wrong, ok, but PLEASE we need ALL TOGETHER fight against who made this happened, who shorted Luna at beginning from 10 to 50 than start to short UST to let LUNA go to the hell, not to any other investor than buy at any price, this is the market, there are opportunity I try to buy it, than maybe I will be lucky, because this project will be saved in some way, but I can not be discriminated as greedy, instead we all need fight against who let this happen and try all together to let them “not us” lost money.

+added mention: @dokwon


Exactly. It’s blockchain! You are able to track down that money where it gone, if you mind so. Provide information about this please. @dokwon

Please review/react to this: Proposed Recovery Plan (Proposal)