Help needed governance funding!

Hey guys.

I deposited 58,52 lunas on proposal 69.

It didn´t even get to the voting phase, do to lack of funding.

didn´t get my lunas back… after the 14 days…

Anyone can help?

That’s how its supposed to work. The deposit is not returned if the proposal doesn’t enter voting phase.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, big fan of your work sir!

I went and checked the docs on terra station before i did the deposit.
As far as I can see, this isn’t mentioned anywhere.

The docs specify:
“If the minimum deposit is not met within 14 days, the proposal automatically gets rejected.”

And it says the deposit will only be taken under the following conditions:
“, if a proposal is rejected based on ‘No with Veto’ votes, the protocol will burn the Luna deposited.”

Regardless of my particular situation I feel this should be communicated more clearly as I deposited quite a big portion of my precious LUNAs and felt cheated when I didn’t get them back. I’m a huge fan of the LUNA ecosystem and have been trying to get more actively involved in governance!

You deposited 58 Luna? Or 5.8k Luna?

58 Luna sir!