Help! Sent UST to UST Contract Address

I made a really bad mistake… Instead of sending UST to my wallet I sent it to the UST contract address :face_vomiting:

I was using MetaMask and had to add the token by searching for the contract. When sending the UST a copy paste error meant that I had not copied my UST TerraStation address properly and I sent the tokens to the contract address. What a mistake!

Can I get it back?

The transaction hash is -->>


I sent to the contract address at →


Perhaps the contract owners can write some code or use a contract method that could refund my wallet?

Thank you.


same here. please contaxct me if you got an answer for this…

thanks in advance

Take responsibility for your actions. Learn from this and be stronger. Asking your help is not going to get you anywhere here. Life is teaching you. Pay attention


Exact same mistake. Help needed.