HELP with MIR tokens

I sent my MIR tokens purchased on Uniswap to my Terra Station wallet. They show up as Tokens but the wallet says Empty. I have tried to send my MIR back out of Terra Station and it says “unknown address: account terra1p4aae6ap3jr6j5prfy5nur6mxgmz… does not exist: failed to simulate tx”. How do I get my coins back? Is there anyone who can help me or direct me to someone who can?

Have you tried to get your tokens on as you have purchased them on Uniswap and they are most likely wrapped tokens. You can connect there with your Terra Station Extension and should be able to retrieve them!

When I first went to it showed I had 50 MIR in my holding so I transferred them to my metamask wallet.
Here is what my wallet looks like after moving those coins.

After looking back into etherscan here is where I transferred my MIR from metamask to Terra Station. It shows Burn for the method. Does this mean somehow 50 of my MIR were burned? That’s a $500 burn. The transaction shows that it was successful. So who got my 50 MIR or are they still somehow in the system? I know this is small, sorry if it’s hard to read.

I appreciate anything you can advise me to do to try and recover these missing 50 MIR.

Bob McTavish

Have you visited

No, I didn’t know about that site. I went there and put in my seed and info to restore my wallet and there it shows my 100 MIR!!
I now think I can figure out how to stake my MIR to earn royalties. I need to buy some UST and move it into my terra station wallet, connect my wallet to my, and then go to the Governance tab (I think) to stake.

Thanks so much. It’s nice to know someone is out there who can direct ‘those with less knowledge’ in the right direction.


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I accidentally deleted my terra wallet address which had Mir Token, went to and verify the wallet address, which shows it has mir token. Went back on Terra extension, try to recover the wallet account with user, id and seeds and gives me new wallet address. How do I recover my deleted wallet address or retrieve Mir Token from it to new address, please help, I truly appreciate this.


I am not associated with Terra Research and unfortunately can’t help you. I’m as green as you with this. I had a problem and someone on this forum was able to help me. Good luck.

Thank you.

Actually I played around what you did… put the seed n was able to retrieve it n transfer to new wallet once I deposited ust