Hi, new dapp

I’m not a programmer, but I have an idea for an application that would be popular among terra users…
Can we create dapp like: https://zillionaires.io ?? It is dapp from blockchain zilliqa) it is The first ever completely random lottery on the Zilliqa blockchain.
It will be popular among terra users)


Hi Arthur,

Have you heard of Loterra? ( https://twitter.com/LoTerra_LOTA ).

This dApp will be released on the Terra Blockchain

I heard, but so very small chance to win. And the app won’t be popular

If you create a lottery like Zilliqa lotery this it will be popular. People want a chance to win and that it be decentralized!!!

In LOTERRA i not chance to win!!!there is a small chance of victory

Yes, I’m going to try to build something like that using Anchor Protocol.
User deposit UST (1 UST = 1 ticket), in the background you convert UST to aUST) and the weekly price will be the yield generated through Anchor. so if players lose, they will get back their money :wink: it would be kind of a “free” lottery. Fun way as well to promote Anchor Protocol


That, my friend, sounds like an absolutely genius idea!

Are you a smart contract dev by any means? I‘m almost done with the frontend for this and I own terra-lottery.com
I signed up for a hackathon in may with my idea in search for a SC dev. Hit me up, if you like to team up. I finished the metrics and product design and am ready to go as soon as I find someone who can write the contracts for it.

Not I’m not - you should contact https://twitter.com/loterra_lota or join https://discord.gg/cKTAEppy to find someone to help you :+1: