Incorrect password

I successfully installed, funded and staked in a Terra desktop wallet on Windows 10. I then installed the Terra Chrome extension and linked it to the desktop wallet using the same password. Now whenever I try a transaction on the desktop wallet it flags an incorrect password. I uninstalled the desktop wallet and reinstalled hoping to restore with my seed words, however the new wallet automatically conects to the Chrome extension wallet. Do I have to uninstall both the desktop wallet and the Chrome extension to restore my wallet. Sounds obvious but I have quite a balance at stake.

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Hi Brian. I too have the same issue as yourself and posted up a question on here.
In researching this topic, it would appear there is a problem with quite a number of other people not being able to log back into their Terra Station desktop wallet.
I await a resolution to our collective problem. Best wishes

Thanks for your reply David. In the absence of any advice from “experts” I guess my next step is to try and recover my wallet on another computer not influenced by the Chrome extension. If this works I’ll let you know.

Hi Brian. Because I hadn’t yet staked any of my Luna, I transferred all my tokens out of the Terra Station wallet into Binance. I then deleted my Terra wallet and set up a new one. I did the extension first and then the desktop app second. I had to use 2 different wallet names as it wouldn’t allow me the same one in the extension and the desktop. Weird !!! I used the same passwords and seed phrases in both. I then sent my Luna back from Binance into my new wallet. Iv’e since staked all my tokens. It all seems to be working fine now.
Not sure this helps. Cheers

Pleased to hear you resolved your problem, I have only partial success. I recovered my Terra Station wallet on an older computer (W7) using seed words and a new password. This has restored all functions but I wish to use my newer W10 computer. I deleted both Terra Station and Chrome extension on the W10, cleared the Chrome cache and restarted the computer. Reinstalled the extension and recovered my wallet with seed and same password as the W7 computer, then linked to new Terra Station wallet on the W10. The Terra Station shows all my transactions but continues to reject my new password, am I doomed to using my old W7 computer to access Terra Station?
Is there any risk/problem with having 2 installations of the same Terra Desktop wallet on separate computers?