Lost Luna using Terra Bridge to BSC

Is there a way to recover LUNA that was sent to the bridge but never arrived in my metamask wallet?
here’s my transaction:

I have same problem you have but UST instead LUNA . My fund is in depository wallet other word is in limbo. It is my fault to try the unproven multi protocol wallet “liquality” which proved not compatible with terra bridge. My guest the problem you and I need someone from the terra bridge team to help . But I got no luck. I have sent the messages repeatedly for help but no one response.
It’s sad

yup! no one from Terra Money is responding.

Got the same pb with luna using the terra bridge → Metamask using BSC

It s been 2 weeks now

Did you find a solution??

I did not find a solution. I wish the bridge had a receive function that you can go back to if the application did not complete the transaction. Something similar to Allbridge. No help from any dev from Luna. Very disappointing.

Thank you! No one responded and it is weird why connecting a wallet needed a seed phrase. Hmm.

Come to Terra discord for support, these forums are not meant for this. Also, be aware there are many scammers on Discord, no mod or admin will DM(direct message) you offering support.

For those that haven’t figured it out, make sure you are adding the right tokens to your metamask wallet. See the “docs” whitepaper from the terra bridge site (https://docs.mirror.finance/networks#mainnet-1) - See Interchain Access under BSC Mainnet for token contracts.

Thanks! The guys in Discord was able to assist. It looks like i received all the tokens but the swap in Pancake swap did not reflect the correct value.