LUNA Go Forward Proposal

I withdrew UST when the depeg happened. But I didn’t sell it. I think they should enable a ust deposit system and if the amount matches that of the snapshot it is valid

Hi i had 3 thousand dollars aud in my coinbase Australia exchange will i be compensated this left me broke as ?

Hey i had 3k plus aud in coinbase will i be compensated please i ended up with 90 cents i expecting the tether to be broken but it never happened

Unfortunately, I didn’t know what a death spiral was.

I only know that yesterday I tried to commit suicide, I was hospitalized and I am taking medication.

Do you think this is fair?

is it fair i bought 130k lunas at 2.70 dollars average price get 10% of my lunas over 7 trillion? my money just ran out.

No it not fair. I end up in medical emergency unit , i m under treatment that i can not even paid. Can could not buy the dip because i was in hospital from chest pain and heart attack. So i want my money back.

I have around 176k Luna at an average price of 0.2 USD and I lost around 35k USD in this Luna collapse. I kept buying just to cover my losses but the loss got bigger and bigger, I had borrowed money from everyone including my friends and family members and now I don’t know how to pay them back, I couldn’t even tell them that I put all the money in Luna because they will consider me mad and irresponsible towards their money. Kindly help me with suggestions what to do and how to pay the money back to my friends and family. I lost money and if I couldn’t pay back money I will loose my most important friends and family members too. Please help

Making $Luna deflationary, burning a part after every sales till come back correct supply would prevent rugs from newcomers with huge token number, mid term good for long time holders, and may make newcomers holder to make liquidity. #DeflateLuna

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Please, stop whining and invest some more, you have the chance to save luna by buying it. Instead of doing a crybaby “please daddy save me”

This proposal is not by the law. You can’t create different classes of tokens after they are minted.

All holders must be the same.
All tokens must be the same.

Tokens came from the same system and they have the same value. I know that some are paid 0.0000X$ and others 120$ (in my case 44$), but that is the market price, and the only legal way is to respect ownership on equities as a fact.

I dont like it, but that is the reality. Hope that you have a good team of Lawyers to help you with this isue. It is very important to stay clear in front of the law. And please be smart enough and don’t keep any profits for yourselfs, because this is going to be heavily investigated.

Similar situation we had during the stock market crash in 1929. In that situation holders got 10 cents on dollar they owned, and system survived.


Dear TerraLuna community, developers, @TerraBuildersU @mc_ust @fleece_cannon @Cephii1 @sjpark_TFL @mysticaltech

algorithmic stablecoins are the sole and unique solution to free ourselves from central authorities and become truly and fully decentralized.
Terra UST and LUNA have been a wonderful experiment in financial engineering, the first one noteworthy in the crypto-space. It has reached, in a very few time, a prominent position in the market, offering people the opportunity to exchange value, to use sophisticated de-fi solutions at low costs, and a market of synthetic commodities.

We CAN NOT accept that all this is gone forever.

We CAN NOT accept that the enemies, who triggered the chain of events that forced UST to lose the peg after a bank run, can win the war.

We lose the first battle, but we have to win the war, i.e. to become THE truly decentralized financial system, a point of reference for millions of people.
It is a moral commitment for us to give confidence to our supporters and stakers, working hard to look for the root causes of the problem, and SOLVE it.
There are a lot of brilliant minds among developers; always exists a solution.

We CAN NOT accept UST and LUNA are passed away.

I have tried to suggest some rough ideas in the Stability section

and in the Governance & Proposal section

Maybe they are naive, or even completely wrong, but we have to give our contribution to solving the technical problem, fixing it, and restoring confidence in the Terra-Luna ecosystem.

@dokwon take a breath, drink a beer, and start again; you are not alone.

You can earn and save 35k over time, whether that be 6months, 1 year or 5 years.
For me, I lost a year’s worth of savings…

The lesson learnt for me is never investing more than you are willing to lose.

What about this?


Fair to return the full number of coins to everyone, at the time of blocking the blockchain.
Regardless of their price!
This is the market…
The one who sold at this time is to blame himself. This is his choice and lack of faith.
The one who bought, believed more and is more valuable to the project.
And speculators will be separated by time, because the price of the coin will not be the same.

I felt the same.
it took me a couple of days to just think more rationally.
For me personally, I put in 1 year of my savings and I know I have many more decades of life ahead of me so it didn’t make sense to take my life for a year of setback.

It’s kind of like failing a year at school and doing a repeat year. i.e. not the end of the world.

You just need a bit of time to think rationally… go out for a walk, talk to a friend/family, even spend some money and do a good deed. It helped me.

I spent 10% of the deposit on support.
And someone at that time, sparkling with his heels, carried away his 1%
Is he better than me if he bought more expensive or earlier?
He didn’t believe it, but I believed it and stayed on the ship until the very end.

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1311 | 文本提案


Do kwons plan 2.0(补充)


Do Kwon 计划的补充: LFG 将 $BTC 和 $AVAX 储备用于以下用途: 20% - 在解除挂钩时分配给 $LUNA 质押者。当船沉没时,被困的社区的心和唯一的痛苦是最大的。20% - 用于在 1 年内购买新代币 ($LUNA 2.0),推动价格走势。这些购买必须无限期且均匀地抵押给 20 个不同的验证者,并且必须出示证明。20% - 用于购买黄金以支持 $UST。黄金是地球上最稳定的资产,没有比这更好的后盾了。20% - 用于为恢复的网络提供质押奖励,为那些留下来的人创造高额奖励。10% - 脱钩时的 $UST、bLUNA 和 $LUNA 持有者(与质押者分开)。这将在持有者之间平均分配。健康)状况:你必须持有价值 100 美元或更多的这些代币。任何持有几美元的人都没有损失到足以应得的削减。10% - 供 LFG 继续运营和未来发展。这可以用来方便存储黄金供应,支付开发人员等。谢谢


As is evident the tendency of each one to save himself.

Luna’s wielders fiddled with her assets in fear.

But ss holders of UST move their assets because they wanted profit???

If the value of UST was 0.5 what would be the profit in that?

So why do some restart at the beginning of the attack and others at the end?

How ugly to want to save only yourself

You guys approved of the endless luna coin printing shit.
Think of a way to burn it.

We are all sad, but I only see the teams wanting to save their own skin.

There is a saying that going from rich to poor always costs more. Is it true governance teams?

What will you do with current holders that bought right before and after the halt ?

Burning tokens is much more fair. Current Luna holders will sue you if their coins are suddenly worth nothing

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