Luna Recovery

Was this trading for people using UST?

Thats why we come up with the solution that will be beneficial to everyone. With the purpose to go forward without arguing like cats and dogs.

Tell me what you think :stuck_out_tongue:


Why didn’t you keep the money in a bank? Why were you trying to get a 20% return? It was a gamble! I hope you didn’t put money that you need into this!

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Not what I’m getting at Jack - i agree with you that it’s all a known risk. My comment is in response to these guys saying that’s not how markets work ‘you gamble you lose’ so you can’t fork the network. So I just said imo UST holders weren’t gambling or wern’t aware they were gambling.
But I should also add, forks are fine, ‘that’s not how markets work’ doesn’t really add much value to anything.

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"Personal opinion. NFA.

This won’t work.

  • forking does not give the new fork any value. That’s wishful thinking.
  • one cannot void all transactions after an old snapshot, both on-chain and off-chain (exchanges).

Where is all the BTC that was supposed to be used as reserves?"

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If they do. Crypto will collapse in all coins. They will regulate it to death and confiscate any funds held in FDIC insured banks. Any founders will go to jail.

They’ve begun the burn!

“2:46pm - Aug 15th - Token Supply = 257,990,915,553.012556
2:51pm - Aug 15th - Token Supply = 257,971,861,261.552556
3:03pm - Aug 15th - Token Supply = 257,922,352,117.627595”

This is GOOD news isn’t it?!

Do Kwon post a story on instagram account about AI platform ? What is that?


I don’t understand why new investors get so many hate from OG’s. We are not the enemy here.

I started buying at $1 all the way down to 0.000002 and put in $1600 while I could lose it all in seconds. It’s a very high risk trade, so why should I have my reward or even my investment taken from me?

Of course I tried to make profits, but I also supported the chain in it’s final moments, up until they halted it.

Old investors knew about the minting mechanism and possible death spiral. They still risked their money, but want to change the rules after losing?

What about old investors who panic sold and are left out when we fork.

What about old investors that bought 20% or 50% dips, they will be left out too.

Many people have tunnel vision and only care about the category they fit in, they don’t see the bigger picture.

This snapshot would never restore the price. New investors who get burned will hate Luna forever. Even old investors will be divided. Price will not return to what it was by forking.

Buy back and burn however, has the best chance to restore trust in the project. Even CZ tweeted this.

Currently order books are very thin and price is very low. With the 2.5 billion reserve, they can buy back all coins if they want. They might be doing this as we speak.

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and your the guy who bought btc at 1k but crashed to 200$ and blamed someone wanting your money back - dick


It is called trading. The coin was available at a certain price (because they minted so many) and people bought. Wouldn’t you have bought in a similar situation? The fact that they haven’t addressed - not even a word about - what they are going to do about the tons of Luna tokens and holders is intriguing.

if you have an opportunity you take it, if you bought in ico you wait reap but if it goes lower you take advantage if it drops several 000’s % and believe in the project you take advantage you don’t cry and do nothing - this is crypto - grow a pair

I didn’t know about peg or repeg, just had confidence in the chart lately. I made a staking on Binance blocked on Saturday 05/07 and I watched my money melt without being able to do anything, they were released only on 05/09. They talk about peg and repeg date, it would be good to deal with dates. The values ​​that remained on the blockchain from date X to date Y. While the team is working on something, it could have a portal where they could consult who would be entitled to some benefit in the recovery of something they are still studying, it would make ust luna investors more relaxed and confident

This is why you shouldn’t invest because you don’t understand the project nor what happened to it. Hence you bought it on the way down.

And nothing is illegal here. Crypto isn’t regulated so no laws were broken.

Also coins were minted to try and maintain the peg as the death spiral occurred. You would have known this before jumping in .

Sounds like you thought you would get rich quick.
Good thing there is no refund for you

I hope they do. You lot are just vultures

Good thing you did your research and now all you get is losses. Underpriced asset - it minted itself billions times. If you had understood why you wouldn’t have yeeted in.

Calling yourself a new investor is embarrassing. Good thing you’ll be penniless soon

“Whale” :joy: no idea how the dilution works.

Good luck being a noob in life.