Please help! I will send over 10 Luna Tokens to someone who can advise? How do i send From one Terra wallet to another

I currently have 2 wallets on the Terra Station platform.

One in which I have created with my Ledger Nano and one without.

I’m trying to send some Luna tokens to my Terra wallet which is enabled with my Ledger Nano.

However when I try to send them over using the Terra Bridge platform I’m unable to connect because of the seed phrases.

I have my wallet name and password and only 22 seed phrases which was only available to me when I created the wallet.
When trying to access my wallet its requires 24 seed phrases?

Whats the best way to do this when in the Terra Station? Please advise on what I can do so I can send these tokens to my wallet which is enabled for my Ledger Nano for better security.
I’m currently unable to do anything at the moment or I’m doing something wrong?

I will be more than happy to send over 10 Luna tokens or split them between those you can advise?

Many thanks,

Hey mate,

if I understood you correctly, just send the Luna from one address to the other.
Those are 2 wallets with 2 different adresses.

I don’t see why you would use Terra.Bridge?

Hi thanks for the reply.

Well I’ve tried this and it doesn’t let you copy and paste to insert any address. Even when you type it in it says incorrect address. Regardless whether its a Terra address or not.

That’s where I see the "connect with terra Bridge " link at the top instead?

Any ideas why we are unable to send a normal transaction on the send platform on Terra Station?

Before i start this, just to say I do not want you to send me anything, Luna/UST or any token. Keep them for yourself.

I am not sure why you are using your seed phrase to connect your ledger wallet to terra station?

Let’s take a step back a little here.


  1. When you say you only have the 22 word seed phrase, which wallet are you referring to?
  2. You should not be using Terra Bridge, unless you are moving tokens from/to another blockchain
  3. If you are wanting to move funds within the Terra blockchain all you need to use is the Terra Wallet called “Terra Station”
  4. Are you trying to send wrapped Luna from another blockchain??


You have two seeds. One for your “Hot wallet” and one for your “cold wallet” (the ledger one). You should never ever use/expose your Ledger keys to a cold wallet unless you are trying to recover a wallet and you don’t have a backup hardware wallet available. This defeats the purpose of having a hardware wallet as your keys could now be compromised. Instead the Cold wallet should be used with either the Ledger Live app for the supported blockchains, or interact with the official blockchain wallets, such as the Terra Wallet (you cannot use ledger live to interact with it yet).

Because you have 2 wallets, for simplicity sake and for you to learn, you will need to open 2 instances of the Terra Wallet app, since the current app only lets you interact with one wallet at a time.

Setup your ledger with the Terra app

All you need to do access your Terra wallet on Ledger is to:

  1. Connect ledger with USB to your laptop/pc
  2. Unlock your ledger with your pin
  3. Open the Terra app on the ledger device itself
  4. Open your Terra station app on the laptop/pc (can also use browser app and even the official Terra Wallet browser extension. But for simplicity, download the terra station to your laptop/pc so you can use this as the interface to interact with your Terra tokens located on your Ledger wallet.
  5. Click Connect
  6. Select the “Access with Ledger” option
  7. This will now open your wallet in this application. You can now disconnect your Ledger from USB, you have “Read-only” access to your wallet.
  8. If you need to send funds from this Ledger wallet you open this app (or follow steps 1-6 if you need to reconnect at another device for example), Select the Asset you wish to send in the wallet, and then send it to where it needs to go, connect your USB to ledger, Open the terra app on ledger… at this point you will get the confirmation come up on your ledger device, check everything matches and approve/deny. The transaction will then get processed
  9. To receive funds to this wallet, take note of the address on the top of the App you will need to copy this later.

Setup your HOT wallet

Since you have some funds in a hot wallet and need to transfer to your ledger wallet you need to connect to a Terra station App

  1. Go to the official Web wallet click connect, and download the browser extension
  2. Once your browser extension is installed open it and select “Recover existing wallet”
  3. Name it and create a password
  4. Enter your 24 seed for the hot wallet which you backed up from your initial setup
  5. This should now recover your wallet
  6. Select the asset you want to send
  7. Now go back to step 9 of “Setup your ledger with the Terra app” guide and copy your address from that wallet, paste it here
  8. Hit next, at this stage it will probably ask you for the password you set up earlier, approve the transaction and you should receive the funds in your ledger wallet

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much.

The problem is I don’t have all the seed phrases.

You can’t send a normal transaction because it doesn’t validate any address you insert. The only thing you can do is to use the Terra Bridge? Then I need my seed phrases which I don’t have.

I don’t understand why I can’t send a normal transaction even when I’m logged in? The seed phrase should just be to recover my wallet??

What you recommend?

Thanks again.

What you’re saying doesn’t make much sense in terms of what you’re trying to do perhaps help us to help you and include screenshots of what you’re doing and explain your situation in a bit more detail.

With respect to seed keys….if you don’t have them…you probably don’t want to go sending more funds to a wallet you can never recover, a this is a bit crazy.

I would suggest going to the Terra discord channel to try and solve this issue, as this forum isn’t really for these types of discussions and you will have better success there.

All is resolved now. thank you.