Post-attack LUNA refund proposal

Yes its wishful thinking but what is the actual true amount of money put in? Its mostly USDT and BUSD which Binance holds and which was swapped for LUNA. Its a days worth of trading at the most brutal part of the spiral. Some exchanges are offering full refunds already so there is the common courtesy element out there.

Whether Binance has the stomach to do the morally right thing is another story.

which exchanges are doing this? can you please send links? i couldnt find anything online

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Don’t work because when starting people received the new Luna They will selling it on better price. a minutes or seconds the price will be diluted.

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This is what I am thinking. I bought 1, 0.7, then 0.24 then terra_money announced fix on twitter with the network reboot. Having seen this I bought 0.02 I had no way of knowing it will be death spiraling into nowhere for hours and days. And what nettled me was binance being on the fence. Total indifference on their part. Which is already enough of a sockdolager to their reputation.
I had no idea what was happening. Just like the most.
Putting this into perspective this is the only way out for holders. I do not see another way around this thing. Either airdrop UST on us or give us LUNA v2 proportional to how many LUNA we held at the time of the purchase. Shall be handled by the exchange.

So you want to go back in time to reset prices that people paid for tokens? Come on people. This is crypto. You buy in knowing (or ignoring) the risks. This specific risk was clearly highlighted by MANY people before it happened. You don’t deserve any sort of bail out. You should have had more money elsewhere. You should have been BTFD on this project if you believed in it.

Honestly, a LUNA 2.0 is non sense, who else will believe LUNA 2.0? Cox they all know that when LUNA 2.0 fail, there will be LUNA 3.0, it’s worthless. Only scarcity won’t change anything. A rubbish is unique in the world, it’s still rubbish coz no one want it. Ppl who got LUNA 2.0 will sell it immediately, and they get 3.0 will sell it immediately. So the Luna 2.0 won’t help anything.

I think this should be elaborate for pre and post atack for me is the most viable plan!!! Sou nobody wins and everyone can get compensate.

I really like the idea to swap based on the supply amount and buying price at specific date because I had no idea about the inflation mechanism, bought at $15 imagine that, and tried to compensate my loss at $0.1 now I see people bought millions of coins for few dollars, while I have lost 99.999% in two days,