[Proposal] Burning plan, even on local exchanges and restore plan

Good, like it

Thank you brothers for support my idea, i want to save luna project ! God bless you

Do Kwon we waiting you!

Maybe we should try to get the attention of people who have a big impact ?
twitter com/NekoOksa/status/1525747242799357954

Maybe we should try leaving posts like this:
Elon you can save the #LUNA token ecosystem
I guess you’re the only one who can do it now.
Please do it!
#EloneSaveLuna $LUNA $UST

ye lets do it!

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Hi, fork is bad idea. Need replan.if not team will get sue from both before and after fork parties. Stay focus to solve current chain.

1st. all minted alt token include ust burn mint luna(with fixed rate)
2nd. Ppl who still wan be a active validator buy coin at market to maintain validator right. (New validator will show up)
3rd. Consolidate luna 1000:1(price up after consolidation)
4th. Team and validator or new interested investor together firm up the market price
5th. After luna price stable. Reconsider new algorithms for whole luna ecosystem by new firm up luna communities

It need a softer way to land.if not whole plane will turn into many pieces.

We need White warrior

We are not talking about fork

We are suggesting “do the burn rate @ 0.1% per transaction”

27 people have supported this suggestion, we need more people to support

Do Kwon where you man


So basically what we are doing :smiley: Share your input there. I add all proposal additions in the thread. We want to create a community solution, without cat vs dogs fight :stuck_out_tongue:


burning plan is the only solution
not fork, not new token
listen the community, listen the people who lost everything

burning is solution !!!

this is the only hope

stop acting like investisor must take their responsability, nobody knows that the sablecoin will fall

not really. Your idea does not work, while him does.

you are talking about adding fees like 15%, which is crazy. this will kill all volume and besides that, the top exchanges won’t include that.

No, I was thinking more about 3% burn + 1% remedy fee. But that’s just a number. What matters is the idea. And I think its a good start. If it gets picked then devs and the team will have to work and analise the perfect solution. This is just a scratch.

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yeah and i said plenty of times why 3% is not working too.

you do not understand that top exchanges do not add such fees that kill trading volume.

Fork isn’t the answer either then in my opinion ;/

The op suggestion is the best one ive read here.

And best case would be if binance is helpful and change the trading fees they get to burn fees. Not sure if thats technically possible, but this way the volume could be the same.

With fees above 1% you can say bye to 1 billion in trading volume a day.

The goal is to set the fee rate to generate the maximum revenue. Perhaps it can be implemented in a dynamic way so that we don’t have to decide now what the “number” should be.

Simple and easy plan. CZ has good suggestion and we should work with Binance.

Why dont we just let CZ and Binance took over the whole thing? Since Do Kwon and his team have been silent for 2 days

Sell the entire Terra Ecosystem to CZ and Binance for $1 and ask them to restructure the whole mess

of cause burn rate at 0.1% for every transaction should be in part of the whole plan

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Good Idea. Also, I don’t know what would be the plan past forking (if it is passed). Like won’t it just replay the same incident? Or have the same vulnerability? Unless there is a change in the fundamental protocol, but again, it would probably take more time with no guarantee. Burning with 0.1% transaction fee seems to be the only steady way at to some success. Plus it would buy time for the terra team to work out the technical side of it as well.

Kucoin resumed withdrawals at 5000 $LUNA fee…seems a step in the right direction if they are burning them after the trasnaction