[Proposal] Forget UST, save LUNA

Ppl who is holding UST can exchange Luna as a compensation, how many luna can exchange for 1 UST will be decide by the community’s consensus. If LUNA can survive, ppl holding UST won’t get loss

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What do you guys think about this proposal? Could it solve the issue?

-I agree with trust being broken. But that is in Luna and UST.

Thats for UST, not Luna. UST is the one who supposed to be stable. Luna as an asset can go up and down. There were comebacks in stock/crypto history. UST is a project with several flaws, impossible to be trusted again. Lunas name can be saved if it apart from UST.

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LUNA`s team and Do Know showed they cannot handle this crisis. They made the situation a lot worse for both UST and LUNA holders when they decided to mint toons of new LUNA.

I agree - LUNA is what can make the blockchain continue and bringing builders together.
UST just didn’t work, it’s a price to pay. LUNA is more than asset, it’s mining power.

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  1. The only purpose of LUNA is to keep UST stable. Without this purpose, LUNA has no value even if you want it to.

  2. People bought LUNA to try to get rich. When you buy tokens hoping they’ll moon, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. In this case, we lost. People bought UST, on the other hand, to secure their savings. It wasn’t supposed to be a gamble. The only way to restore trust is to get UST holders compensated.

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If UST were to “stabillize” at 0.01 or 0.001 it would still be stabilized, and cheap to defend that price/value with Luna minting compared to 0.40 or 0.90. Basically, if luna market cap goes below UST market cap, luna should not be minted to hold peg.

Best answer ever. The easiest way and the most ORGANIC way to reach a new and self sustained balance is to let the market forces to act.

Later on, once the dust settles, there can be some sort of airdrop with some token release schedule for LUNA LTH and UST holders before the crash (snapshot needed) to compensate without impacting the market.

People who bought Luna and UST after the crash… well they took the gamble in a widely adopted asset, good and growing ecosystem, great dev teams and a greatly supportive community… That’s more than most of the projects out there offer.

So hey, new buyers, stick to that andwelcome to Terra ecosystem!

when one took the decision to invest in UST for a greedy 20% rate of return has accepted the financial risk involved.
Please be honest: one cannot come and cry now after losing some money for their investment decisions.
One must take full responsibility in one’s financial decision.
If I buy Google stock and then the Google stock lose 80%, would you pay for my losses?
And would someone buying the Google stock at 20% of the previous value be responsible for my losses due to my greed and bad investment decision?
Of course not I would be the sole responsible.
GROW UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your financial choices.

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All I see is someone making assumptions. Maybe your upset and taking it out on others?

And what will be the use case for luna than? The only thing that is other than other competitors is stable coin and mirroring.

No I came to UST because its a decentralized stablecoin. I dislike visa and usdc, tether for non being transparent. UST and TERRA is a gem and whole future of cryptocomunity needs it. We NEED decetralized stable coin. There is no way around. Otherwise politics and big banks will eat us alive. Comprende? :smiley:

one must take responsibility for one’s bad investment decisions

Would you share your profit if you were positive? No of course.
Would you pay my losses for my bad financial investments in the past? No of course.
Then… well draw your own conclusion.

I was not in anchor :slight_smile: sorry for that comprende thing