[Proposal] Luna and Ecosystem

I propose to divide the purpose of the current Luna coin into two different coins
(Luna coin, Terra/Ocean coin).

_ New version Luna coin

  1. Representative coin of ecosystem
  2. add max Circulating Supply
  3. to set the circulating supply current, drain all the coins generated by the depegs from the Luna coin and move them to the Terra/Ocean coin
  4. staking Luna coin you only get one stablecoin selected by the owner from burn(*) Terra/Ocean coin
  5. when Luna coin not staked burn(**) Terra/Ocean coin to null
  6. to get a freshly minted Luna coin through an Terra/Ocean coin rod ā†’ terra/ocean coin go to burn

(*) burn of Terra/Ocean coin ā†’ you always get 1 (1 x1 , 1 x10 , 1 x100, 1 x100, ā€¦) multiplication increases with a community/governance vote
(**) auto-burn of Terra/Ocean coin

_ New Terra/Ocean coin

  1. no max Circulating Supply
  2. serves to manage the stability of stablecoins (create/destroy stablecoin in local - canā€™t transfer)
  3. no burn limit of stablecoins
  4. when the circulation of the coin is lowered, the minted is increased
  5. when the circulation of the currency increases so much, the minting decreases little by little to zero
  6. auto-burn/mint to luna coin (staked or not staked)
  7. allow users to mint stablecoins with Terra/Ocean coin and burn stablecoin to get terra/ocean coin

if you like my proposal, take a cue and improve it.