Proposal: publication of a snapshot calendar for airdrops

Given the exclusion of top validators’ stakers from Nebula airdrop and the additional airdrop exclusive to Orion delegators, I think something should be made to ensure fairness in the process.

I currently see two main issues:
a) impossibility for investors to maximize their returns including airdrops;
b) possible unfair advantage for insiders, who will know snapshot dates in advance and thus can strategically redelegate their capital on time.

Of course, the point for the exclusion is just to incentivize decentralization; in my opinion, though, this should be done in a different way, without penalizing investors.

In order to resolve the issue presented above, I propose the publication of a snapshot calendar for upcoming Terra airdrops.

Do you think this could be a suitable proposal? Please let me know your observations.

I personally don’t believe it’s the goal of airdrops to maximize anyones return, this proposal also assumes that Terraform Labs (TFL) controls every project, and that is simply not true, these are led by independent teams that sometimes consult with Do and TFL.

It’s up to each team to decide if they’re gonna do airdrops, how they’re gonna do airdrops and when the snapshot will be taken, I don’t see how this proposal could change anything.


I say no to this
→ defeats the purpose of decentralization if you know in advance when to redelagate simply for monetary gains