[Proposal] Rebalance between hard core hodlers and new buyers

Hi, in crypto there are not refunds, snapshots but dips and recovers.

Here we had an attack but a proper manage and use of the funds to keep the peg and avoiding to print 6.5 Trillions (Trillions!!!) of coins could have prevented this massive dilution.

We have a coin Luna and a stable coin UST that should remain peg to the USD. We need to focus on those.

We should stop with proposals trying to help this group or that group (pre/post attack, UST holders vs. Luna holders), we are all in the same ship. I do not favor the proposal to abandon this ship for a new coin artificially allocated.

Funds that are still available should be used to save UST and Luna not for refunds. If you save Luna you bring back it’s value for Luna holder and as collateral for UST bringing back its value.

We need to get clarity of where are the funds and how they are being used as well as we need to ensure the mistake of printing 6,500 Billions Luna get undone with buy and burn.
If you want the circulation to be 1 B don’t create a new coin with that circulation but buy and burn 6,499 Billion Luna that you minted!

Buying and burning will help all groups.

People who bought the dips at 50-40-30-20-10 or even now can see the value of the going getting restored and their support during crash getting compensated. People who owned before the crash will see the value getting back on track (will take time but slowly can go back). In addition, if they believe in Luna and its team they can buy more now and average down their entry price.
UST holder will see the value going back towards 1 USD if Luna value goes up (they can also buy to average down their entry point).

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