[Proposal] Revive LUNA (RUNA) with new Airdrop, with the focus to heal grassroot investors and to regain trust for Algorithmic Stablecoin ecosystem


Many Exchanges are delisting LUNA & UST due to the disbelief of the algorithmic stablecoin issuance and its repegging process. As a consequence of this decisive decision, not only did the retail investors lose a significant amount of capital but also it killed the entire algorithmic stablecoin ecosystem. I believe that Algorithmic Stablecoin has the potential to bootstrap liquidity for decentralized applications but also serve as a financial backbone of autonomous organizations grouped by grassroots investors. With the horror followed by hasty decisions and the speculative movement by short-sellers (aka the Death spiral problem ), the ecosystem has faced a major crisis of sustainability and I think to show the trust of the ecosystem it is important to revive Luna as a key player for Algorithmic Stablecoin ecosystem.


With the great FUD against LUNA & UST generated from the disbelief of the algorithmic stablecoin economy, the best cure of the disbelief for the ecosystem is to show a miracle from the Luna ecosystem to revive as an algorithmic stablecoin, creating a new algorithmic stablecoin with the focus of weight to grassroot or small-cap investors who have held LUNA before the depeg event would help to rebuild trust against the algorithmic stablecoin ecosystem.


Create a new Algorithmic Stablecoin from Luna ecosystem with the advantages of Luna ecosystem with the restrictions of greedy institutions manipulating the economic components that would create a speculative movement to depeg the price. Genesis allocation of this new Algorithmic Stablecoin would be weighted for grassroot investors to help recovery of the lost capital from the speculative movements.


I am an individual who contributes to the open-source ecosystem as an individual developer, I have recently started an open-source initiative called Ayanami Tech AyanamiTech · GitHub to help the development of the missing components of the open-source ecosystem ( One of our major contributions was Tornado Cash Commits · tornadocash/tornado-cli · GitHub ). I believe that Algorithmic Stablecoin and the Decentralized Applications could serve as a key component for the unbanked population.

I have written this draft proposal to gather community’s interest to save the Luna ecosystem with those great FUD coming from harsh decisions being made by big players, if anyone is interested to rebuild trust for the Algorithmic Stablecoin once again, you are more than welcome to join the discussion group that I have created.

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @runatg

I will be updating this proposal with any effective ideas coming from the community,

Thank you!

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