Seriously tho, where is do kwon?

@dokwon dosomething bro

this entire crisis has been without a leader

this is the time where you should be on the frontline and communicating with us investors / the community constantly



nah cut it out bozo theres no time for dumb tinfoil bs

this is the time for @dokwon to step up and lead us out of this

side note

DAOs are so cumbersome and and absolutely the Achilles heel during this crisis - nothing can be done quickly without a 7 day vote? insane!

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it’s very frustrating, we don’t expect Kwon and the team to have all the answers but they absolutely have to be more effective at communicating, they’re going full days at a time without telling us anything

we don’t know if they’re reading our proposals, we don’t know if they’re trying to to help the community, we don’t know if they’re just trying to cover their own assess legally. But they need to actually talk to us here


this tweet shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how marketcap works, The team did not exit with $84 billion


this this this 100%

i could only IMAGINE what they’re going through rn - i’m sure many haven’t slept… but they should be first and foremost communicating with us constantly

@dokwon bro do kwon gotta become dosomething


theres so much misinformation floating around rn its insane (most of it is retarded too)

the teams lack of communication really is the cause of this

the fact the discord and telegram are closed so nobody can get in and communicate with community members



He is reading the chat forum and on phone with Cz Sam Ftx and the rest of the country club.

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