Terra bridge eth not transferred to Eth wallet?

Hi folks there is some issue in terra bridge, I transferred BETH using terra bridge to Eth wallet, I can see my address in memo but instead of burning BETH and transferring it to ETH network terra transferred BETH to terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc wallet.


@Terrasupport team can you please help me by giving my BETH back please

Please reply terra team

This is the Eth Terra bridge address. It is used to transfer bEth from the Terra blockchain back to stEth on Eth blockchain. It’s supposed to do that.

but normally it burns BETH and send beth in ethereum block chain address but in this transaction it is transferring to terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc wallet

He is right that the normal message is a burn of bETH. Over the past 2 days there have been 11 transactions through the bridge that have been transfers instead of burns. The bETH balance in the ETH Bridge contract matches the 87.xx sent through the bridge this way. I happened to be looking at this data today, here’s a quick summary showing the issues:


According to anchor.lido.fi/unwrap the process is to just send your bEth to your Eth wallet then unwrap it. So no more burn.

And the way you send bETH to your ETH wallet is via the bridge, it still has to get from one blockchain to another. Official instructions from that website are below, but the token is still burned, yes. bETH is wrapped stETH on Terra. When it’s bridged back, there should be no more token on Terra.

To convert Terra bETH back to stETH:

  1. Go to bridge.terra.money, select Terra as the target chain, Ethereum as the destination chain, and bETH as the asset. Specify the amount of bETH you want to convert and an externally-owned account you control as the destination Ethereum address. Sign the transaction.
  2. After your transaction reaches on-chain finality, the specified amount of Ethereum bETH will be transferred to the specified Ethereum address.
  3. Use this interface to convert the received Ethereum bETH to stETH.

There have been subsequent successful bridge transactions since these erroneous transfers. So, there was indeed an error for those isolated transactions. The ETH Bridge contract should not have a bETH balance.

When bETH is sent from Ethereum to Terra, the bETH is minted by Lido, sent via the shuttle contract and held in the bETH token vault contract. When it’s sent back, effectively the opposite happens and the terra deployer withdraws the bETH from the Shuttle Vault, sending it to the address specified in the bridge transaction. Here’s an example tx of the deployer sending someone bETH earlier this morning.

True. My Bad

All good, I’m just including as much detail as possible for anyone else that ends up reading this chain. TFL should be able to fix those transactions as they control the bridge contract, but the issue shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Yeah it is good to have all this here and I agree it shouldn’t have happened.

Hey - I checked in with our dev team.

There was bug in https://bridge.terra.money site. This was fixed yesterday (shuttle/ETH_ASSET.md at main · terra-money/shuttle · GitHub). As mentioned here, the bETH relay tx should execute burn not transfer.

We have recovered a few cases already, and @Yun_Yeo will help you out with this case. He will post the TXID when he has done so.

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Sorry for inconvenience here is recover tx: Terra Finder

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