Terraswap-Can we give LP incentives?

Currently staking Luna pairs on terraswap is very bare bones, and it is even difficult to see if we are LPs.
How can we improve the UX of terraswap, as well as add LP pairs for people to get mirror (and anchor) rewards for providing liquidity?

Terraswap needs the following:

  1. Router functionality: Allow Mirror assets to be tradable on Terra Station - #7 by dokwon
  2. A working dashboard: Happy to issue an attractive grant to anyone willing to build this
  3. Liquidity incentives

With respect to 3, happy to apportion resources to make it happen - what amount makes sense & over what period of time? open to feedback @0xJeff


Thanks Do, wrt #3, would it be difficult to offer MIR and Anchor rewards to LPs?

One concern is we wouldn’t want it to be the same %age as staking Luna, as it lacks the 21 day drawdown and could incentivize people away from that.

So if Mirror + KRT/UST/MNT rewards is currently around 15%, maybe LP-ing could be 5-10%?

I am interested in working on the dashboard.
Do you have in mind what type of informations do want to display there?

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I think the profile of users that would LP is different from stakers

Staking has 21 day unbonding cost of time + risk of slashing - in exchange, it earns returns from everything that’s built on Terra.

For liquidity provision, there is cost of impermanent loss and in return LPs earn swap fees (0.3%) + liquidity incentives.

Think we should start out with low liquidity incentives (just a very different profile of ppl that will stake vs who would LP) and see where we get to


Hey @kjag thats great to hear! Think what we would be looking for would be similar to uniswap.info or the dashboard page of terra.mirror.finance

Uniswap info is actually quite detailed (try clicking into the details page of each of the liquidity pairs)

Let me know if you’d like to coordinate (I’m @dokwon on TG)

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PM’ed you on TG (@jkjag)

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Maybe create some token like CRV?

Isn’t that luna

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