Thank you Papi for supporting me so much, thank you. (I need your help. Terra Team )

Hi admin, I converted ust from my terra wallet address on
: here is my wallet:
terra1sue8ngy850ey6wy25jkf5kkq4l8j7lv5qg535t to bsc wallet address 0x55865D00E924ba5F4034C50505B66f111817674D , the contract successfully reported TXID: A8FE0724A5DB7FAC64AD6EDEADCE7A0BA91BD63741294043A47A9C5179487524
But now I don’t receive my money in BSC wallet, I really need your help, maybe it is a small amount for you but for me it is a month of my work, very Looking forward to the support and help of the Terra team,

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It went though here : Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

i tried resend 2usd and i got 1usd but before i sent back 310usd but i didnt receive

my hash 310 usd that’s a bad thing for me
you can find it here

I need your help Terra Team , pls

is your problem clear?

i want to try it too. cos i need it

will it not be included in the terra wallet (terra network)?

What can I do to get my money back sir?

I don’t know about it. I’m trying it because I’m in need of ust

I’m looking for support from the Terra team and haven’t received any response yet, it feels terrible.

I just made a transaction through the site

BSC to terra network and it worked.

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yes but my trading amount is gone

That’s it, now it’s time to sleep :grinning:

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You sent it to the ethereum network instead of BSC, your funds are here. If you have your private keys you can just connect metamask to Ethereum, fund it with eth and bridge the UST back to terra.

I really thank you so much, I've been sad these days, sincerely thank you

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Terra can’t reverse transactions for you… not sure what your options are with the binance chain address you created. Maybe reboot the app and see if it appears?