The only solution for a fair fork

I dont think you understand OPs idea. You wont get USD cash. You will get new lunas worth of your invest. If you bought lunas for 10k dollars you will get 10k in new lunas worth. So that way it doesn`t matter when did you buy the LUNA

I don’t like the idea of a fork in general since it would become worthless near instantly, but if there is a fork, then it should take OP’s idea into consideration. The fork shouldn’t be two snapshots (as Do Kwon proposed). The amount should depend on the time (and price) at which you purchase Luna during the depeg, which is what I think OP’s post is getting at.

Study this proposal dear and respected friend: It is not necessary to create a new token, nor reduce the supply to redistribute it as you explain in the first proposal. Here is the proposal to raise Luna.
1.- Create a Loan Fund without requiring collateral for the holders who were within the project until UST lost the Peg with the $ (remember that many were left bankrupt) as long as a mechanism is established so that the loan cannot be used in purchases of another token or other Crypto other than LUNA.

2.- Develop a burn plan so that LUNA can reach $1 or $0.1 in a relatively reasonable period of time.

3.- Deliver said loans proportionally to each portfolio according to the amount of token that said portfolios possessed, so that once the token reaches the goal (1 or 0.1$) they can recover what was lost in the fall of 2 years ago days
4.- Establish a type of reward for wallets that buy LUNA with the Stable UST to stimulate their purchase and thus recover parity (as long as UST works independently of LUNA)
5.- Once they have the loans in their possession and in the consequent rise that the burning will bring plus the demand for LUNA, the beneficiaries of the loan must cancel 50% of the loan and when they approach the goal of 1 or 0.1$ must cancel the entire loan (you must establish mechanisms for this to happen).
With this plan (with the necessary corrections that are necessary) I believe that the confidence of investors can be recovered, rescue the affected holders and benefit everyone (Holders before the loss of parity, new Holders who entered after the parity , the community in general and the ecosystem itself.
I respectfully say goodbye to an admirer of his work in the field of Blockchains and the Crypto World. Greetings
Post Data: As you will realize, taking this plan, capital will not be needed for exaggerated loans since the contribution will be to invest in the beginning of the growth of the price of LUNA after the factors come together: Demand and Burning of tokens
Message for Devs of Terra

the idea is good, but it will take six months or even years until everyone is checked, and the network should be stopped before that time.

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forget UST! It’s dead. who’s going to buy it anymore? No one, everyone will sell it!

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You are blind ? FOrk blockchaina dont give by producting blocks or restarting any Value and if they do this people are gone its like printing by goverment Brr brrr like % in bank ,i think we are here because some idea but maybe not all of as. What happend i saw here good options 8 steps to save …was really good some plans for reconstruction
2/ change something with voting or communication because everything takes to long.
3Good luck but responisbility for UST cant to disappear
Cex have insurance in smart contracts? … for sure then use brain and tell as who get payment bill or if im wrong then apologize .Fun because first Rule Should be blockchain security !! #Back to school wish more luck all of you and success… hopeium…

ANd many of you talk same nonsense go back in forum and read something because or im stupid or we walk around same questions same topics i get alot now and im here second day & last every day behavior of your big poor chief looks more strange ne3d new one take some new models this time xD

The hole in your plan is who says what the new LunaV2 coin is worth? The coin is valued by the market so you can’t just pick an arbitrary number to value the new coin than distribute based on that value, this is not an ICO. If the market disagrees you’ll just have the new coin holders running for the hills, again. Which is why I don’t believe a fork will fix anything. Terra’s block chain is valued on supply/demand and most importantly the TRUST (capital people are willing to invest) of the system all of which are pretty toasted right now.

Additionally, a lot of people want UST fixed first but that will not work because its underlying/backing, Luna, supply/trust is crushed. Unless you have an emergency insurance plan but where would capital come from.

The only way I see to fixing this situation, WHICH WILL BE A LONG TIME, is to burn luna supply aggressively by:

  1. Increase txn fees and burn those (until we are at a respectable total supply; then revert back by decrease those fees and redirecting them back to validators)
  2. Do Kwon and team deploys capital (what’s in reserves, if anything is left) to burn more luna
  3. Do Kwon and team hires the best PR firm this world has to offer
  4. Once luna is back under control there can be a swap UST-> Luna at a price determined by the market; then just kill UST

Lastly, while all these plans are in play out people are just going to have to be PATIENCE. You will never make 100% of people whole or happy.

Just my $0.02 (which could buy a decent bit of Luna, jokes)

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has to abandon the project because most of us as investors don’t want a fork!!!
exclude UST by BUSD, USDC!


could be the new leader of this project as well or any other qualified developer, not the one who is looking to kill the biggest project so far. We really need a new leadership

Carrying out this plan, that the Holders from before the depeg see that they recover their losses and that the ecosystem continues to have interesting proposals, it is possible that they continue forward knowing that once it collapsed, and the developers responded by returning what was lost.

I think that the fork is not the solution, although the validators have the last word

KICK DO KWON out of terra and move forward. He and his team ignored valid criticism and endangered hundreds of investors.

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they, the old leaders gradually to the disaster of Luna are looking for a fork to regain ownership after running away and fooling all the investors and former holders. They continued to trick new holders into trying DCA to save Luna. Get rid of the fork option immediately with all your might, and boycott Luna v2 if it ever comes out because they’ll be printing Luna 2 and taking advantage of the community again.
The most important question right now: Where are the Bitcoins and Luna’s reserves and the Luna leaders are responsible for the destruction of the reserve and decided to print Luna on these investors.,

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One of the better plans for moving forwards. It would be a fair course of action. We cant use a previous snapshot to reward Luna holders/stakers. They could have easily jumped ship and sold, and are now being rewarded with v2 luna that they will similarly dump again.

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The above proposal is a reflection of your personal biases. Overall, terrible idea.

Any suggestions of a ‘fork’ or separation between LUNA or UST holders, needs to be thrown in the trash can right away.

Anyone who is advocating for some BS fork are simply looking out for their own self interests, not what’s BEST for the company and the ecosystem as a whole.

We’ve all been impacted!!