Traunching of LUNA Cash Flows

Coffee thoughts here, so hope its not too off base!

What if we had a way to deposit bLUNA into a system and segment the staking cash flows into traunches?

Let’s say we have LUNA trading at $6 with staking rewards of 10%, meaning it generates $0.60 per year. What if we carved the cash flows into three traunches, first traunch is first in line and gets all cash flows up to $0.30, second traunch gets all cash flows from $0.30 to $0.60, and the final traunche gets all of the growth (cash flows above $0.60).

I think this could be a novel way to make use of the bLUNA (or other bPOS) asset(s) innovation. Investors with different risk tolerances could buy the different traunches. The safest traunch would be a better asset to borrow against in something like anchor, where as the last traunch could be more of the speculative moonshot.

Right now LUNA is a one-size fits all risky asset. I think there could be a lot of value unlocked by segmenting it to fit individual investors needs. And the same logic could be applied to future POS blockchain assets added :smiley: