What are aUST


I deposited UST in Anchor. It gave me aUST. How can I use them, or what they are good for?

Thank you for help / advice

aUST is a yield bearing asset, which is redeemable for your initial UST deposit along with accrued interest

Simply put - if the Anchor rate maintains 20% per year, then 1 year from now your aUST will be worth 20% more than it was when you received it. You could then use this to “redeem” your original UST deposit + 20%

More can be read here: Overview - Anchor Protocol

Thank you, I appreciated your reply.

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You can also use it as collateral to borrow against in mirror protocol & abracadabra money. Since it will never decrease in value (unless UST loses it’s peg) and only increases in value, it’s top tier collateral